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Get your own email address!

Welcome to The US Email Office!  Your source for easy to use, easy to remember premium email addresses.

Do you currently have a boring hard-to-remember email address?  Wouldn't you rather have

Your email address reflects who you are.  Customize it to reflect your personality, style, attitude or sense of humor!

Sign Up!
Personalize Your Email Today!

Get Your Premium Email Address Today Before It's Gone!

The US Email Office Christmas Give-a-Way!

When you purchase a premium email address from The US Email Office you are helping the homeless, a portion of all sales revenue goes to homeless shelters and feed the homeless programs.

Give yourself the opportunity to be a part of our monthly gift to others.

Purchase our annual plan which saves you money and places more funds into the monthly Give-a-Way!

Get an email address at Get an email address at Get an email address at Get an email address at
Use your e-mail address from The US Email Office with Gmail.

Your premium e-mail address from The US Email Office now works with Gmail!

Google now has a Gmail feature that lets you use your premium email address from The US Email Office with your Gmail account. For example, if you have a Gmail account and your email address is, you can now use your premium email address such as and still use Gmail as your email program.

Stand out from the crowd!
Get a lifetime email address that expresses who you really are.

Wanna exchange your boring impossible-to-remember email address (e.g. for a unique easy-to-remember email address? Now you can personalize your entire email address - not just the part before the @ sign - the whole thing, like

With email forwarding from The US Email Office, you can... change your job, change your location, change your ISP, but you never need to change your email address. Give out your new customized email address, and we'll keep up with all your changes.

Moving is No Problem
You can move from State to State, Country to Country, Change ISP's as much as you want.  With The US Email Office, you'll never need to say "Update your address book!"
How It Works
Give out your new address (your very last address update!) Mail sent to us will be sent on to your forwarding address. It's so fast, your friends won't even know it's happened.
Think Outside the Box
Having your own premium email address is easy and inexpensive. Create a personalized email address for yourself, for a friend and/or a family member!
Send Email Too
Use your new email address as your From: address!  Just change the settings in your email program with our instructions, and mail will go out from your custom email address.


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The US Email Office
Your custom, lifetime email address from The US Email Office is portable, flexible, easy-to-use, and yours for life!

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